• Coffee Passion

    This is a personal website I created outlining my passion for coffee. It is geared towards a soda drinking audience and is meant to persuade the audience to switch to coffee. The live website found here outlines the process of creating the design for the website as well.

  • The Petal Coop

    The Petal Coop is a local flower shop. They came to Jakob Marketing looking for a logo design and some print materials. I worked with a team to come up with the logo and created the print materials based on the elements of the logo.

  • University of Utah Portal

    Over 2 years, I worked with a cross-functional Kanban team to update the student and employee portal at the University of Utah. Specifically, I worked on user research, usability testing, analytics, visual design, and front-end development. This was a huge undertaking that required working closely with both the PDM and engineers to revamp and update an application that was last updated in 2003.

  • Tuition Estimator

    Worked with an scrum team to redesign the University of Utah's tuition calculator to be more intuitive and more accurate for students. This application is geared towards both current and prospective students. I worked on the user research, usability testing, and the user interface and visual design.

  • The Colt Group

    I worked on a team to create a clean, new website for The Colt Group. I was the sole developer on this project. The website is fully responsive and includes a custom Wordpress CMS. To view the live website click here.

  • Aspen Appraisal

    I worked with a team of graphic designers to design Aspen Appraisal's website with the goal of optimizing it for multiple devices. This website is meant to give an overview of the company quickly, and easily. I also worked on the development team for this website. To see the live website click here.

  • Rocky Mountain
    Leadership Conference

    This was part of a team project at Jakob Marketing where multiple designers collaborated to come up with a brand for this event. The winning logo design option was one that I initially designed. I also helped with the layout and development of the website. To view the website click here.

  • Craniofacial
    Foundation of Utah

    This website was created while working with a team of designers. Not only did I help design the page layouts and elements of the website, I was the sole developer on this project as well. To see the live website click here.

  • Ageless Spa

    I designed these print items for Ageless Spa through Jakob Marketing. This included a brochure, a flyer, two sets of different business cards, gift certificates, etc.